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Can't find a design or theme that fits your event? You're in the right spot. Choose a custom product and design it yourself or leave it to our extremely skilled design team to create something completely unique, to fit your event perfectly.

Work directly with a professional design team that is willing and ready to work with you, to make your vision come to life! There is no design project too small or too large that we can't handle. 

How do I Create Custom Artwork?
  1. Choose a custom product you would like to design.
  2. Download a corresponding template, or describe your custom vision to our design team in the designated boxes and leave the work to us!
  3. Open the template in your design tool (i.e. Photoshop, Ai etc.)
  4. Make a new artwork layer, drag guidelines on top of the bleed, fold and glue lines, so you know the workspace to keep your artwork in.
  5. CREATE!
  6. Upload your artwork while placing your order or E-mail the artwork over to us after.
  7. Receive a proof within 24-48 hours

Call or Email us today to start working directly with a designer!
(844) 6-ICANDY

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Now, we know a lot of other competitors have started adding design tools on their websites, which some may find more appealing. However, here at iCandy we think that working directly with a professional and highly skilled graphic artist brings that personal touch and perfect attention to every order. Why have limitations when it comes to your artwork? You shouldn't and we don't want you to. We want every one of our customers to feel like their custom design is unique to them. Being able to work directly with a designer to make this happen, for FREE, is what makes iCandy so special and loved by all its customers.

Our design team is creative and comes fully equipped with millions of vector graphics, raster images, fonts and more, waiting to create your vision for your next event. Work directly with our design team throughout the whole process while creating your custom candy bar wrappers or custom labels. There is no more worrying about getting your design wrong when you place with us, you will get a proof within 24-48 hours from our design team and if you are not pleased you can request changes and they will get back to working on your design until it is just right!

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