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Want to create your own artwork and send it to us for production?
To help get you started, click and download the template, from below, for the item you wish to create!

How do I Create Custom Artwork?
  1. Choose a custom product you would like to design.
  2. Download a corresponding template from below. 
  3. Open the template in your design tool (i.e. Photoshop, Ai etc.)
  4. Make a new artwork layer, drag guidelines on top of the bleed, fold and glue lines, so you know the workspace to keep your artwork in.
  5. CREATE!
  6. Upload your artwork while placing your order or E-mail the artwork over to us after.
  7. Receive a proof within 24-48 hours. 

Tips and Tricks for Creating Artwork
  • Your background artwork/pattern should always spill over into the bleed areas. To make for better consistency when printing.
  • Do not put any text or vital images in the bleed, fold or glue areas.
  • Glue areas will not be visible, from an artwork perspective, at all. Keep all vital artwork, text and images out of these areas.
  • When creating artwork for a round label, please allow your pattern/background to bleed into the bleed areas but keep all your text/images inside the grey round image area provided.
  • Do not submit artwork with embedded guidelines on top of your artwork. These lines will be printed and visible if left on top of your artwork. 

Artwork Requirements:

  • jpg, pdf, png, psd, eps files accepted and preferred for rasterized art. 
  • eps, png, psd files accepted and preferred for vector art.
  • High-resolution images and graphics accepted only!
  • We prefer images with a resolution of 300 dpi
  • Small images print blurry and cannot be scaled up to size without losing all quality. Please keep this in mind this when uploading images. 
  • Email any failed uploads to help@icandywrap.com Reference your order number in the subject of the email.

To contact the design team directly, send over additional design instructions or images please email help@icandywrap.com. Please include your order number in the subject of the email.



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