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.. far exceed my expectations ..
I received my order today and the candy wrappers far exceed my expectations...
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Coaster Wedding Favors

Calla Lilies Frosted-Glass Coasters in Floral-Inspired Gift Box
Chandelier Mirrored Glass Coasters
Cherry Blossoms Frosted Glass Coasters
Fleur-de-Lis Frosted-Glass Photo Coasters (Set of 2)
Golden Brocade Elegant Glass Photo Coasters
Good Wishes Heart Glass Coasters
Artistic Botanical Coaster Set
Fall in Love Coaster Gift Set Favor
Fall Leaf Sticker
Fall Leaf Sticker
As low as $0.38
Frosted Glass Photo Coasters
Glass Photo Coasters
Glass Photo Coasters
As low as $1.44
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King of Hearts Queen of Diamonds Cork Back Coaster in Gift Packaging
Love Birds Cork Back Coaster Set in Gift Packaging
LOVE Glass Coaster Gift Set with Ribbon and Thank You Tag
Natural Bamboo Eco-Friendly Coaster Favors (Four Coasters per Favor!)
Seta Arancio - Orange Favor Boxes
Seta Celeste - Aqua Blue Favor Boxes
Seta Oro - Lustrous Gold Favor Boxes
Shell and Starfish Frosted Glass Coasters
Transparente Clear Favor Boxes

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