Shipping Options and Guaranteed Delivery Dates

Your order must be placed before 6/27 at 2 PM ET for these guaranteed delivery dates to apply. If an order is placed after 2 PM ET, it will be considered placed on the next business day.

Based on Your State: VA

Shipping MethodRush ProcessingGuaranteed Delivery Date
UPS GroundNone ($0.00)7/12/2017
UPS 3 DayNone ($0.00)7/7/2017
UPS 2 DayNone ($0.00)7/6/2017
UPS Next DayNone ($0.00)7/5/2017
UPS Ground3 Day ($10.00)7/10/2017
UPS 3 Day3 Day ($10.00)7/5/2017
UPS 2 Day3 Day ($10.00)7/4/2017
UPS Next Day3 Day ($10.00)7/3/2017
UPS Ground2 Day ($25.00)7/7/2017
UPS 3 Day2 Day ($25.00)7/4/2017
UPS 2 Day2 Day ($25.00)7/3/2017
UPS Next Day2 Day ($25.00)6/30/2017
UPS Ground1 Day ($37.50)7/6/2017
UPS 3 Day1 Day ($37.50)7/3/2017
UPS 2 Day1 Day ($37.50)6/30/2017
UPS Next Day1 Day ($37.50)6/29/2017
UPS GroundToday ($50.00)7/5/2017
UPS 3 DayToday ($50.00)6/30/2017
UPS 2 DayToday ($50.00)6/29/2017
UPS Next DayToday ($50.00)6/28/2017

* Except during severe weather conditions or other natural disasters, guaranteed delivery means if we miss our delivery date we will refund the shipping cost and any rush fees.

** Guaranteed delivery dates apply to orders shipping within the 48 contiguous United States only. Orders shipping to Alaska, U.S. territories, or international destinations may take up to an additional 5 business days.